The written word...

Finding the right words to convey your message is as important as what the message is. Let me help you navigate the pitfalls of grammar and syntax. Together we can tell your story.

Below you'll find links to some of my writing. It's been a unique and winding career path, encompassing everything from lists of community pools to interviews with moguls of industry. 

Motorcycle journalism brought me to the wide world of product description. It's important to be honest and positive about a product, letting the consumer know what they can expect. We can't simply warn them of shortcomings but have to show and sell them the real capabilities of an item.  

Besides crafting stories, I really, actually enjoy combing through others writing. Send me your resume, press release, novel, or restaurant menu. I'll search it for errors and recommend improvements. 

You can also check out my UpWork portfolios.

Thanks for looking!

Writing Company History

Chronicling the tale of Anchor Lagers & Ales was a rewarding challenge. Published in print for Drink Me Magazine, you can read it here. 


Arts and Entertainment

The world of bar history, arts and entertainment will forever drive my interests. Here we find people at their most human, gravitating towards their unveiled desires. It's also a good time. 

Kinky NYE – SF Weekly

SF's Oldest Bar –

The Great Outdoors

We live in a physical word and it is important to take advantage of. Moved to participate and driven to write about everything, here are some things I've done on the world of sport.

The Kiteboarder Charlie Don't Surf

Adventure Sports Journal Hope I Kite Before I Grow Old

Fifty Rides

MotoSpirit (page 20)


Bloggity Blog